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PERT EVOH layer 20mm multilayer underfloor heating pipe is designed with resistance to light and oxygen to inhibit the microorganism and prevent the metals in the heating system from corrosion and rusting. This advantage greatly prolongs the lifetime of metal parts, such as the valve, switch, boiler, etc, and ensures the wide application in high-end housing.


It is used in ground heating system, drinking water piping systems and other applications. All required EN, DIV, TUV, ISO, Working temperature & Pressure Test, Warranty Certs available on request. Features 1. Equipment and material Our PERT EVOH 5 layer pipe adopts the imported EVOH material, equipment and patented mould of Swiss Nokia-Maillefer.


The material is resistant to oxygen. 2. Certified quality It has passed the oxygen-resisting test of authoritative organization. The patented technology ensures the uniform thickness of each layer. 3. Easy construction Thanks to the good flexibility, large curving radius, high fluid-mechanical performance, it is convenient to construct with.

20mm x 2.0 Multilayer PERT EVOH Pipe (500m)

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