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Capital Docks, Dublin

Development Value: 



Number of Apartments:

198- 1,2 & 3 Bedroom


Kennedy & Wilson


John Sisk & Son

Mechanichal Contractor:

Tritech Engineering


Capital Docks, Dublin is a large commercial development located in the centre of Dublin. The development comprises of five buildings, with a total of 120,000m² of office space, and a further 120,000m² of retail and leisure facilities. The development was designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency. As part of this, Warmth Ltd was commissioned to install an underfloor heating system, with 98,000m of pipe and 198m manifolds.


Scope of Works


Warmth Ltd was tasked with installing the underfloor heating system for the 198 apartments. This involved laying 98,000m of heating pipes, and 198m manifolds. The system was connected to Heat Interface Units, powered by a central boiler and heat pump, to provide a highly efficient and cost-effective heating solution. The installation also included the design and installation of a smart control system, to allow for the efficient management of the underfloor heating system.


Installation Process


The installation process was completed in three phases. In the first phase, Warmth Ltd laid the 98,000m of heating pipes, connected to the 198 manifolds. The pipes were laid in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that the entire system was laid in the most cost-effective manner. In the second phase, the manifolds were connected to the Heat Interface Units. Finally, the smart control system was designed and installed, allowing for the efficient management of the underfloor heating system.



The installation of the underfloor heating system at Capital Docks, Dublin was a success. Warmth Ltd was able to complete the installation to the highest standards, and within the allocated time frame. The installation was completed to the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring that the development is able to benefit from the cost savings associated with such a system. The installation of the underfloor heating system was a success, and has allowed Capital Docks to achieve its sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

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