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Dundrum, Dublin

Development Value: 



Number of Apartments:

261- 1,2 & 3 Bedroom


Park Developments


Walls Construction Ltd

Mechanichal Contractor:

Aircon Mechanical


Fernbank is a new residential development located in the affluent area of Dundrum Dublin. The development consists of 278 luxury apartments and a range of amenities, including a retail plaza, gym, and a swimming pool. The developer, Park Developments, chose to install underfloor heating throughout the development to provide a comfortable and efficient heating solution for the residents.


Scope of Works:


Warmth was contracted to install the underfloor heating system, which consisted of 145,000m of pipe and 261 manifolds. Warmth was responsible for designing the system, installing it, and carrying out the necessary tests to ensure it met the required standards.


Installation Process:


The installation process began with Warmth designing the system. This included calculating the pipe sizes and layout, ensuring the system was compliant with the relevant regulations, and ensuring that the system was correctly sized for the development. Once the design was approved, the pipes and manifolds were delivered on-site and the installation process began. The pipes were laid below the floor screed and connected to the manifold. Once this was complete, the system was tested to make sure it was functioning correctly.




The installation of the underfloor heating system at Fernbank was successfully completed on time and to budget. The system was designed and installed to meet the highest standards and will provide a comfortable and cost-effective heating solution for the residents. Warmth worked in conjunction with Aircon Mechanical and Walls Construction to ensure the project was completed to the highest standard

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