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Fenman House
Kingscross, London

Development Value: 



Number of Apartments:

75- 1,2 & 3 Bedroom


King`s Cross Central Limited Partnership


Carillion PLC

Mechanichal Contractor:

Michael J Lonsdale



Fenman House is a large-scale office building located in Kingscross, London. The building was originally constructed in the early 2000s, and was in need of a major renovation. The owners decided to upgrade the existing heating system to an underfloor heating system, in order to make the building more energy efficient and comfortable.


Scope of Works


The scope of works included the installation of 45,000m of pipe and 78 manifolds. The pipes were to be connected to a heat pump and heat exchange system, which would provide the necessary hot water for the underfloor heating system. Warmth were contracted to carry out the installation of the underfloor heating system. They worked in conjunction with Michael J Lonsdale and Carillion PLC, to provide and exceptional solution.


Installation Process


The installation process was carried out in two phases. During the first phase, the pipes were connected to the heat pump and heat exchange system. The pipe network was then connected to the 78 manifolds, which were strategically placed throughout the building. During the second phase, the pipes were laid out in the floors and walls, and the manifolds were connected to the pipes. Finally, the system was tested and the necessary safety measures were put in place.




The installation of the underfloor heating system at Fenman House was carried out successfully. The system has proved to be an effective and efficient way of providing heating and cooling to the building, while also helping to reduce the building's energy costs. The installation process was completed within the agreed time frame, and all safety measures were followed.

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