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Lansdown Place, Dublin

Development Value: 



Number of Apartments:

215- 1,2 & 3 Bedroom


Chartered Land Ltd


JJ Rhatigan & Co

Mechanichal Contractor:

Riverside Mechanical


Lansdown Place is a 215-apartment development in Ballsbridge, Dublin. The development was completed in 2019 and required a modern, efficient heating system capable of providing comfortable temperatures throughout the entire building. To achieve this, the developers commissioned Warmth Ltd, a leading heating and plumbing specialist, to install underfloor heating throughout the development.

Scope of Work

Warmth Ltd was contracted to install a total of 140,000m of underfloor heating pipe across the project. This required a meticulous and precise approach to ensure the pipes were installed correctly . To ensure the installation was carried out correctly, Warmth Ltd employed a team of highly experienced engineers and plumbers who were trained in the installation of underfloor heating systems.

Installation Process

The installation process began with a thorough survey of the building to identify any potential issues or obstacles that could affect the installation. This included coordination with all electrical and plumbing works along with all other trades to insure seamless installation and operation. Once the coordination was completed, Warmth Ltd began the installation process, which began with the laying of the pipes. This was done using a specially designed machine that allowed the pipe to be laid quickly and accurately.


Warmth Ltd successfully installed underfloor heating throughout the 215 apartments at Lansdown Place. The project was completed on time and within budget and the heating system is now providing comfortable temperatures throughout the entire building. The installation process was carried out with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the system is reliable and efficient for many years to come.

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