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Brennanstown Wood, Dublin

Development Value: 



Number of Apartments:

45- 1,2 & 3 Bedroom


Park Developments


Park Developments

Mechanichal Contractor:

Riverside Mechanical Ltd



Brennanstown Wood is a residential development located in Dublin, Ireland. The project was led by a prominent Irish developer, and involved the construction of a variety of high-end homes, with the intention of creating a luxurious and comfortable environment. To achieve this goal, the developer chose to install an underfloor heating system throughout the development. After researching the options available, the developer chose to work with Warmth Ltd. as the underfloor heating provider of choice.


Scope of Work:


The scope of work for Warmth Ltd. was to install an underfloor heating system throughout the entire development, involving the installation of over 25,000m of pipe, 45 manifolds and the connection of the system to Exhaust Air Heat Pumps.


Installation Process:


The installation process began with Warmth Ltd. completing a comprehensive survey of the development to ascertain the best locations for the underfloor heating pipes and manifolds. The survey was used to map out the most efficient routing for the pipe network and to ensure that the system was connected to the Exhaust Air Heat Pumps in the most effective manner. Once the survey was complete, Warmth Ltd. began the installation process. The pipe network was installed in two stages, with the first stage focusing on the installation of the pipes, and the second stage focusing on the installation of the manifolds.




Warmth Ltd. successfully completed the installation of an underfloor heating system at Brennanstown Wood. The system was installed to a high standard, with over 25,000m of pipe and 45 manifolds connected to Exhaust Air Heat Pumps. The installation process was carried out with minimal disruption, ensuring that the development was able to remain on schedule. The underfloor heating system is expected to provide a comfortable and luxurious environment throughout the development.

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